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Stoned "Squid"

Posted by Stoned & Co on
Stoned "Squid"

Stoned & Co. has always specialised in producing high quality garments. From the detailing to the finishing, we’ve captured visual key points to replicate a similar jacket by adding our very own twist to it. The main silhouette behind this jacket is a revised version of our previous best-seller, the Stoned Nexus track jacket.

The concept behind the colour way and design of the jacket is inspired by the infamous Squid Game Show that has been the talk of the town lately. We decided to bring it to life and make it a reality for the fans of the show.

There are 4 different numbers that you can choose from, 001, 067, 420 & 456, representing main characters of the show and we also decided to add in our own signature number as well. Each number is only limited to 50 pieces per number.

Enjoy a special price of RM288(USD69) when you place your order from today onwards until the 15th December 2021. The price will back to its original, RM329(USD78) for any orders placed after the date stated. The expected delivery date will be on the 3rd week of December! Place your order today!

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