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Stoned & Co. is a brand that communicates to the world of its thoughts on how equity is the root to peace.

Moving dots create lines. As the world is ever changing and evolving, so does our thoughts and perceptions. To represent this phenomena, we include lines in our designs to signify the flow and rhythm of the progression of the dots, which consist of individuals in a society at a fast pace creating the illusion of a line.Stoned & Co. attempts to eliminate the negative thoughts and perceptions and bring in positive values such as unity, equity and peace. The world we want to create and present to all is one that is non-judgmental and harmonious.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the representation of our brand. However, this is exactly the kind of response we are hoping for! We want everyone to understand that behind every facade, there is the true meaning of that certain something that must not always be negative.